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Details about modern rugs

Details about modern rugs

Modern rugs are perfect additions to your living room to spruce it up. They take up position at the focal point of a floor and can also be used as a lovely wall hanging. Most rugs are made by artisans from India and the Middle East. The Chinese rugs are made from silk and the ones from Morocco and Turkey are made with wool or polyester. They are made with wonderful craftsmanship and have detailed designs and patterns stitched on them. Most of these pieces are hand made and are brought at antique shops during travels.  They add a warm and fresh look to the room and can also provide protection from the cold during winters. They also absorb noises and can protect the material of your flooring.

Types of modern rugs:

The modern rugs can be classified based on the material used to create them. The woolen rugs are known for its softness and it naturally helps in insulation. The cotton rugs are not so durable but due to its low maintainance they can be easily washed. They can be best used in entryways. The synthetic rugs are used for outdoors and are stain resistant. Apart from this, the modern rugs can also be divided based on their designs. The modern Chevron Area rug has a V pattern and it has originated from the military uniform design. The black and white color option is the most popular. The modern Striped rug has fine lines and mostly has two opposing colors on it.

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