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Small Kitchen Design – How to Decorate It

Small Kitchen Design – How to Decorate It

Many home owners find designing a small kitchen a daunting task. But, in reality it is not. All it needs is making a good use of the available space. There are countless innovative techniques to follow and copy in order to make the kitchen your favorite room in the house. Compact sized kitchen cannot usually accommodate a table or chairs. In this case, consider acquiring stools instead. Taller stools give the impression of a larger space than shorter ones.

Pay attention to the color you choose to paint your kitchen with. It is important to remember that lighter colors aid in making a smaller space look bigger while darker colors do the exact opposite to larger rooms. Opt for a warm and light color to make your cozy kitchen look large and inviting. Ventilation is as equally important as color and furniture. Do not even for a moment think that a small kitchen would not require or need windows, exhausts or any form of ventilation.

Cabinets would better suit to be placed over your counter instead of any other place as this not only saves space but also your time allowing you to retrieve items quicker. Another key factor to keep in mind is the lighting. Brighter lights make a room look bigger and more inviting than a room that is dimly lit. Besides, when it comes to your kitchen, this is the one room that should be brightly lit and welcoming more than any other room (well, maybe not more than your living room but you get my point!).

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